Dads Out There

Hi everyone!


I took a few days off to travel with my family to see my parents and spend Father’s Day with my husband and dad.  This year was my husband’s first Father’s Day.  It was a pretty special day and I hope he enjoyed it.


My post today is going to be pretty short.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to post some positive things to the dads out there that may not get recognition on the wonderful things they do for their children.  Sometimes we forget (I know I do) that the special men in our lives do so much for us.  We get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle and get busy with ourselves, our kids, our jobs and all the other things that come with life and we forget to tell our men thank-you.  So here’s a big THANK-YOU for them:


Thank-you for doing your best.  You work hard every day to take care of your kids and provide for them and we want to say thank-you for doing that.  Thank-you for getting up each day, even though it’s something that you probably don’t want to do, thanks for doing it anyway.  It’s appreciated.

Thank-you for helping out, even when it goes unrecognized.  Even when we constantly criticize you for not taking enough initiative in parenting or housework.  Even when we nag you to do more, or to do it our way, thanks for still doing it.

Thank-you for continuing to voice your opinion and trying your best to be the best dad that you can be, even when we don’t treat you as an equal or a true partner, but instead as just another child.

Thanks for taking time to spend with your children as often as possible.  It may not always be doing what we think you should do or how we think you should do it, but you are taking time to spend with them, and it’s important to them.  All dads share unique individual time with their children, and we love you for it.


So for all the dads out there, I hope you had a fantastic Father’s Day.  And I hope you were celebrated!

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