New Baby Must Haves

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone had a great holiday last week.  I was off work that day and got to spend some time with family and friends and just had a great time.  My little guy is teething so it’s a little crazy at our house some days and nights but we’re making it through.

I wanted to write this blog on new baby must haves.  I have some friends that recently welcomed a set of twins into their lives and I’ve been talking to the mom on some occasions and trying to tell her what worked for us (when she asks, of course) and what things we had that were life savers.  So I wanted to share those things with everyone today.


A Good Bottle –
Before my son was born, I did, like most moms-to-be, research through online and friends to find the best bottle out there.  I finally settled on a bottle that I was very excited about and I had several of these ready when he arrived into the world.  After his battle with reflux, and his formula, we changed bottles about seven different times before we settled on one that worked really well for him.  So all I’m going to say here is find the best bottle that works for your baby and don’t worry about the brand.  Not saying that the one we chose in the beginning wasn’t a good bottle or anything because I’m sure it is, but I’m just saying that it didn’t work for us.  I was trying to keep up with friends and family and in the end, it didn’t work for us.  So just find that works for your little one.


A Pacifier –
I wasn’t really sure when Sawyer was born whether or not I was going to even use a pacifier.  He had one at the hospital that the nurses gave him, but he really didn’t take it much.  So I changed it once we got home and he still wasn’t a huge fan of it.  My mother-in-law actually changed it again one day when she was keeping him and found one that she liked and she thought that he attached too better and that’s actually the one that he still uses today.  He doesn’t really take it too much, mostly when he’s upset or goes to bed at night.  I’m glad he’s not attached to it too much because, I think, in the end it will be easier to get him away from it.  Anyway, again, when he had his tummy troubles at the beginning of life, a pacifier just seemed to help him calm down sometimes.  Just helped soothe him.  So that would be a suggestion that I would say try.  They work wonders in car rides… haha!


A Good Baby Carrier or Wrap –
I am a firm believer in a mama wearing baby.  Again, when Sawyer had his tummy troubles, I would always put him in his carrier and strap it to my body.  It always seemed to help.  Especially when he was crying and we couldn’t console him and all he wanted was his mommy, I would strap this baby to me and it always seemed to help.  It also gave me some relief and would allow someone else a chance to hold him for me.  Of course, he still was usually happiest when I was holding him in the carrier, but at least it did work for a little while.  And it allowed me to be able to get up and actually move around the house and get things done sometimes.  I will say that I like the one that I have, but I wish I would’ve spent the money and gotten the Ergo type ones.  The one I have made my back hurt after a while.


Swaddle Blanket –
This was a LIFESAVER for us!  Once we got Sawyer’s tummy under control and we moved him out of our room to his room, we started swaddling him at night for bed and during nap times.  I’m not even kidding when I say what a difference this made in his sleep times.  He went from waking up 2-3 times a night to only one time and then to sleeping through the night.  It was amazing!  He started sleeping through the night on his own two days before he turned 12 weeks old!  It was amazing.  But you have to have the right kind of swaddle blanket.  It has to be big enough.  I got some of the blankets at my baby shower that were made to swaddle.  I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone, they’re hard to describe, but they’re made with the actual flaps that you fold over.  Anyways, those didn’t work for us.  I don’t think I could get them tight enough and his hands would always escape.  So we ended up with this blanket that was like 42 inches cubed and we were able to swaddle correctly and tightly and it worked like a charm!


Zipper Pajamas (Sleepers) –
Best thing I ever bought!  Sawyer was 3 weeks early, so he was right under 7lbs when he was born so he fit into newborn clothes.  He actually wore newborn clothes the longest (so far).  Anyway, I only had one sleeper that had a zipper when he was born.  All the others had the typical snaps all the way up and down.  I don’t know who in this world invented those and thought that those were the best… snap-up sleepers are the WORST (in my opinion)!  Whoever thought that they were great apparently never changed a newborn’s diaper in the middle of the night (or any kid’s diaper for that matter).  With their legs kicking around all over the place when you’re up at 2am, in the dark, half asleep, trying to change a diaper on a kid that’s more than likely screaming, it is almost impossible to snap those snaps up.  I just now have started putting those on Sawyer and he’s over 6 months old.  But at least now I don’t have to change him in the middle of the night.  So I only have to deal with the snaps once, maybe twice.  I remember when he was two weeks old, my husband looked at me and said, “Oh my gosh! You have to go out right now and buy some more sleepers with zippers! I hate all these snaps!” So I did.  And I retired all the ones he had with snaps. Ha!


Moms On Call (Book) –
This was another lifesaver for us.  My sister-in-law used this book with my nephew and I have had some friends use this book with their children and they all had success.  This was one thing that I did with Sawyer and it worked for us, too.  This book basically tells you what you need when you bring your baby home and what to do with them once you get them home.  So that you’re not buying a lot of things that you don’t need and it teaches you how to get them on a schedule, how to get them sleeping through the night, how much formula they should be drinking at a time, when to start baby food, everything!  Everything you need to know about once you bring new baby home.  Of course, there’s really no way to be completely prepared when you have a new baby, but it definitely helped answer a lot of basic questions.  And it did give me a little ease about becoming a new mom.  I knew what was coming and a little bit of what to expect.


A Bottle Warmer –
I actually didn’t get one of these nor have I ever used one, but when Sawyer started only taking his milk warm, I wish I would’ve had one.  I think it would’ve just made life easier for us instead of constantly having to run downstairs for a bottle and formula and heating it up and all of that.  I think a bottle warmer would’ve just been easier.  I’ve heard a lot of moms using these and loving them so I’m definitely going to get one for my next baby and I’m putting it on this list for you guys.  I also think it would be easier on trips.  We haven’t really traveled anywhere with little man yet that we haven’t had access to warm up his bottle, but for those moms and dads that do have to travel with their little ones, I think one of these might make life easier, especially at a hotel room.

I’m sorry this post was so long but I wanted to give you guys all of the things that helped us out.  Anything to help a new mom and dad out, I’m down for.

What are some things that helped you guys out with your new little ones?  Are any of these things on your lists?  Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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