Baby Needs – 6 Months

Hey guys!
I wanted to write my blog today about baby needs for a 6 month old.  I have previously written a blog on newborn needs that I hope is very helpful to someone.  But I had someone request that I do there ever so often, so after my son’s six month check-up yesterday, I wanted to follow up with a blog on the changes that have happened and the new things he needs.

Baby Food –

One of the biggest changes that he’s went through here lately was we have recently introduced baby food.  We did wait until 6 months for this, but I know a lot of pediatricians say that you can start as early as 4 months old.  We chose to wait until 6 months and it has really worked well for us.  One reason is that a baby has a really bag gag reflex at such a young age and it gets better the older that they get.  As well as the tongue thrust reflex.  We chose to wait as long as we could before giving him baby food so that both of those would be pretty much gone.  But I think this is something that is totally a parent’s choice.  I think that if you want to start food before we did, that’s completely your decision.  It’s what’s best for your baby.
Anyway, my kid absolutely loves to eat! Haha!  He’s just like his mom and dad!! He would much rather eat baby food than his formula.  Which brings me to my next “topic” of dropping bottle amounts down.

About two weeks before we started baby food, Sawyer started tapering off the amounts of formula he would eat at a time.  He was eating about every three hours, 5-7 ounces each time.  Then, all of a sudden, he started only eating 2-4 ounces every feeding.  Because of this, we thought he was teething.  It was time.  And he still may be trying to cut some teeth, he just doesn’t have any yet.  But I was getting very concerned with it because I know that formula and breastmilk are their main sources of nutrition.  So I asked his pediatrician yesterday and he told us that (in his words) “as long as he’s eating, having plenty of wet diapers, pooping, and he’s thriving and happy and sleeping through the night” then let him eat.  Don’t worry about the formula too much because he’s getting his nutrition now from the fruits and veggies he’s eating.  He did say to still offer him the bottle and try and get him to drink as much as possible, but don’t stress over it.  He also said that he could eat whatever he wanted, however much he wanted, and as often as he wanted.  And I can season things however I want to.  I’m the chef in the family and I’m his mother, and I know what’s best.

Just hearing those words from him really reassured me that what I was thinking and doing was right and best for him.  It just helps so much when your baby’s doctor reinstates everything you’ve been saying.

Sippy Cup –

Believe it or not, we have started bringing out the sippy cup.  We decided to start slowly introducing the sippy cup to him for multiple reasons.  Our main reason was because, again, we think/thought he is teething and not wanting to suck from his bottle because we think it hurts his mouth and ears.  So we decided to bring out the sippy cup because it takes a lot less effort to drink from it than it does a bottle.  The other reason was just to start getting him familiar with it.  Now, did I sit it down in front of him and him just jump right in and start drinking from it?  No.  Still to this day, he doesn’t really know what it is or what to do with it, he just wants to chew on it, but it’s there.  It’s appearing there for him as an option.  We just thought it would be easier in the long run when we start weening him off the bottle for him to already be familiar with the sippy cup.  **Just a little side note, we didn’t come up with this on our own.  This came out of the book I told you guys about in my other post about newborn must haves. We just thought it was a great idea and made so much sense!**

Toys –

This subject might sound so funny to some people, but we’ve changed toys. Haha!  For so long, Sawyer was, and still is, okay with rattles.  Like most babies, he loves to shake them, chew on them, and just play with them.  Here recently though, he’s really became more observant of lights, flashes, and colors.  Last week, I bought him a toy to hang on the seat so he could have it to play with in the car when we drive, to keep him a little more entertained when he’s by himself.  He loves it!  It has lights, music, sings songs, does animal noises, counts, all kinds of things and he just loves it!  He can kick it with his feet and press the buttons that way and it makes everything go off.  My mom brought him a new toy on Sunday that he loves too.  It’s a small Ferris wheel that plays music and sounds when you turn it and it has flashing lights, too.  So I would definitely say around this age, toys become a part of the family rather than just rattles.
Another toy we have found that he likes is anything that he can sit/stand in and jump up and down.  This is like this new favorite thing to do here lately.  He has no desire to learn how to sit up on his own.  He’s mastered rolling over and tummy time, so now he thinks he can just skip the sitting up part and start standing up.  So any type of toy that allows him to do that just makes his day.  So we have one of those jumpers that you hang in the door way and it’s a seat he can sit in and just jump up and down.  He likes it okay so far.  He hasn’t really figured it out completely yet and sometimes he just sits in it and spins around in circles, but he’s working on it.  But he has one of those jumping gym things, (I know, I don’t know what they’re called) that he can sit in and jump and there’s toys all around the edges for him.  He loves those too.

Bibs –

This may sounds silly again, to some people, but this kid needs more bibs than anything.  The acid reflux is better, but he still needs burp cloths.  But now he needs bibs.  We started needing bibs when he was around 4 months because the drooling set it about that time.  But now that he’s eating, he definitely needs to add to the bib category because he’s a super messy eater.  But that’s another story for another time.  One kind of bib that I’m recommending are disposable bibs.  I’ve just used these at home so far, but it’s like they make a huge mess, get food all over it and it doesn’t matter!  You just throw it away!  Less laundry for this mom!

High Chair –

I have a high chair for Sawyer, but since he can’t sit up by himself yet, we’ve tried it with him and the experience isn’t exactly pleasant for him right now.  But I definitely plan on using it in the future.

These are my top suggestions for baby needs at 6 months.  I hope this helps any new parents out there that read this.  I hope it puts some things running around in your head at ease a little and maybe gives you somewhat of a guide.
Remember, everyone is different, all babies are different.  Do what works for you and your family.  If you want to make all of your baby food and feed your kid in the fanciest high chair and have all the toys they can have, go for it.  If that works for you and your baby is happy, go for it.  Or if you don’t have time to make food and your baby likes baby food from a jar and you want to feed your kid sitting in your lap or while he’s crawling around the house, or while he’s sitting in a bouncing toy jumping all over the place and throwing peas everywhere, then that’s okay too!  It’s whatever works for you and your baby!

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