Not Today

I read something on social media this morning that a friend shared with me that touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you guys this morning.  I’ve read so many different things like this over the last few months and they always touch me and sometimes make me tear up.  They’re always about the joys of parenting and I like reading them because when you’re having a bad day or when you’re having a tough parenting day, it’s always good to read these because they always bring back to you the goodness of being a parent.  They remind you of the warm feelings you get when you snuggle your baby and they bring you back down to Earth and remind you that you can do it!  So for this post, I’m going to sum up what this mama wrote.

So imagine this, a mom walking through a parking lot to the grocery store carrying her exhausted son who is 5 years old, his head resting on her shoulder.  He’s half her size and he’s heavy, but she’s carrying him anyway.
This mama may be struggling to carry this boy, but in her head she’s got to does it anyway.  You never know when your last day to hold your baby will your last time.  One day, he’s going to think he’s big and he’s not going to want his mom to hold him anymore.  He’s not going to want his mom to carry him anymore.  He’s going to want to walk and run and be so independent that he doesn’t want mom leading him, he wants to do it all on his own.  And you’re never going to know when that day will hit.  And then one day it’s all going to be over.  He’s going to stand taller than you and be bigger than you can physically carry.  He’s going to be grown and those days of snuggling him, rocking him, and carrying him are over.  And it’s going to come fast.  So do it.  That day is not today.  The day that he is asleep in the car and you pull him out to take him inside and he just sleeps on your shoulder, just do it.  Because that day isn’t today.  Any time you get just one more day to carry him, just do it.  You never know when the last time will be the last time.
So even if you’re struggling to carry him and your muscles are cramping and your back is killing you and you’re not sure how long you can go on holding him… do it as long as you can.  Because that day may be the last day, but that day is not today.



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